The present document regulates POSITIVE BIRTH International Meeting.


The POSITIVE BIRTH – V International Meeting on New Paradigms in Sexuality will be held on the 21th and 22th June 2023.
The official website of the event is, which contains the program, the price list, the curriculum notes of the speakers, the regulations for the presentation of posters, and the regulations for the attribution of the NASCER POSITIVO prize. The times shown are based on the Portuguese time (GMT).


Vozes da Mulher – Associação pelo Auto-conhecimento, Liberdade e Respeito®, with headquarters at Avenida da Boavista, No. 1015, 2nd floor, Room 201 4100-128 Porto, VAT PT515911860, designated in this document by “Vozes da Mulher Association”. Contacts: +351 927485284 | Email: Associação Vozes da Mulher is a non-profit association whose mission is to defend and promote women’s freedom, respect, and equal opportunities. The NASCER POSITIVO® International Meetings as well as the VOZES DA MULHER campaign are the first of many initiatives in defense of women’s rights in Portugal and in the World.
Gimnográvida – Preparação Para Parto e Maternidade Lda. ®, with headquarters at Avenida da Boavista, No. 1015, 2nd floor, Room 201 4100-128 Porto, VAT PT506599400, designated in this document by “Gimnográvida”. Contacts: +351 934338827 | Gimnográvida is a private clinic dedicated to the promotion of maternal and fetal health, from an integrative perspective. The work philosophy of its multidisciplinary team is centered on promoting health empowerment, continuity of care, humanization, and evidence-based practices. Its mission is to help women and their families to grow, know, feel and believe in their potential to ensure pregnancy, childbirth, birth, and growth with health and harmony. In this sense, it has carried out pioneering work in Portugal concerning the promotion of physiological childbirth and the change of care paradigms in pregnancy and childbirth.
Vozes da Mulher Association is responsible for the financial management of the event, while Gimnográvida is responsible for content and registrations.


Health professionals and others interested in deepening knowledge in the area of ​​health promotion for women and newborns.


Registrations must be made on the digital platform, where you can access the pricing for this edition. If requested, the cost of the Portuguese / English – English / Portuguese simultaneous translation service is added to the ticket price.
The prices shown are unitary.
Registration fees are essential to cover the costs of the event and guarantee the quality of the scientific content and the participation of the invited speakers. Therefore, the content of the event is exclusive to registered participants and cannot be distributed, divided, or shared with others.
The ticket is personal and non-transferable and cannot be returned or exchanged
It is not allowed to record and/or transmit (total or partial) content (audio or video), either for your use or to share with others.
The organizing companies reserve the right to change or modify the event schedule.

Accepted payment methods when buying Nascer Positivo 2023 tickets


The program presented includes lectures with scientific content, alternating with artistic moments and advertising breaks.
The official languages ​​will be Portuguese and English.


If the event is held on the scheduled date, the ticket price is non-refundable.
Ticket refunds will only be made in case of rescheduling or cancellation of the event. In this case, the cancellation or return process will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Vozes da Mulher Association.
The instructions for canceling or returning the amount paid are answered and regulated by Associação Vozes da Mulher, by email
The refund request must be sent by email, with the following attachments: proof of payment and account or card ownership, including the account details for the refund by Bank Transference.
Following legal requirements, the user must also send the credit note signed by him, issued, and sent in the same way by Associação Vozes da Mulher, to the email
Vozes da Mulher Association reimburses the user within a maximum of 6 months after receiving all the elements necessary for the refund (Proof of Payment, IBAN, and Signed Credit Note).


Vozes da Mulher Association is the organizer responsible for the financial management of the event, while Gimnográvida is the organizer responsible for content and registration. Both event organizers are responsible for handling the data of all registered people.
The personally identifiable information of the event participants provided to the organizing companies is voluntarily provided by visitors at the time of registration.
Registration for the event requires full acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as the processing of personal data provided, for communication by the organizing entities.
Organizing entities have implemented technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. All employees of the organizing companies follow a network security policy and only authorized employees to have access to their data, which are also bound by the duty of secrecy and confidentiality.
The registration platform does not store or collect personally identifiable information for sale to third parties.
The collected data will be kept for as long as necessary to respond to requests or until the participant requests the deletion of that information.
If you want to delete your data from our registration list after the event, please send an email to
In case of violation of this regulation by the organizing entities, you have the right to submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission
The organizing entities reserve the right to modify or amend these Regulations at any time, without previous notice, and so it is advisable it´s frequent consultation.