Gimnográvida – Preparação para o Parto e Maternidade
Vozes da Mulher – Associação pelo Auto-conhecimento, Liberdade e Respeito

Associação Portuguesa pelos Direitos da Mulher na Gravidez e Parto
Associação Portuguesa dos Enfermeiros Obstetras

Emília Coutinho | Enfermeira Especialista em Saúde Materna e Obstétrica e Professora Doutora na ESSV
Joana Faria | Enfermeira Especialista em Saúde Materna e Obstétrica na Gimnográvida
Paula Clara Santos | Fisioterapeuta e Professora Doutora na ESS
Rui Carrapato | Pediatra e Professor Doutor na UFP __________________________________________________________________________________________________________


26 May 2021

8h30 Opening Session

8h45 Vozes da Mulher
Isabel Ferreira | President of Vozes da Mulher® Association (Portugal)

9h30 The Menstrual Cycle: A Vital Sign
Patrícia Lemos | Menstrual Health and Fertility Educator: Círculo Perfeito® (Portugal)

10h15 The Survivors and Birth
Susanne Houd |Midwife (Denmark)

11h00 Pause | Commercial Break

11h15 Gimnogravida’s 18th anniversary celebration

11h30 The Impact of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication on Childbirth
Marta Lima | Anthropologist, Hypnotherapist and Doula (Portugal)

12h15 Promoting Normal Birth: The Portuguese Reality
Clínica de Santo António | Lusíadas
Filipa Lopes and Carla Cotrim | Nurse-Midwives (Portugal)
Hospital Garcia de Orta
Leonor Mineiro | Nurse-Midwife (Portugal)
Isabel Ferreira | Nurse-Midwife (Portugal)

13h30 Lunch | Commercial Break

14h30 Controversial Issues: The Impact of Ultrasound on Fetal Health
Alexandrina Mendes | Obstetrician (Portugal)
Mary McNabb | Midwife (Netherlands)

15h30 Promoting Normal Birth: : LK Massage Programme®
Linda Kimber | Midwife: Childbirth Essentials® (United Kingdom)

16h10 Pause | Commercial Break

16h20 Round Table: Antenatal and Intrapartum Care Policies
Andreia Gonçalves | Nurse-Midwife (Portugal)
Ramon Escuriet | Midwife (Spain)
to be confirmed | Member of the Portuguese Parliament (Portugal)
to be confirmed | Member of the Portuguese Association for the Women’s Rights in Pregnancy and Childbirth (Portugal)

17h50 Pause | Commercial Break

18h00 Free workshops promoted by Sponsors



27 May 2021

8h30 NASCER POSITIVO 2020-2021 Awards

8h40 Poster Awards

9h00 Being a Mother and Being a Woman: Challenges on Female Sexuality
Andreia Antunes | Physiotherapist (Portugal)
Cátia Oliveira | Clinical Psychologist: Gimnográvida® (Portugal)
Chantal Fabré | Sage-Femme: Les Baleines Bleues® (France)

10h30 Oxytocin: The Love Hormone
Kerstin Uvnãs-Moberg | Physician and Researcher (Sweden)

11h30 Pause | Commercial Break

11h40 Pelvic Floor in Pregnancy and Childbirth: Self-knowledge, Protection and Repair
Núria Vives | Childbirth Educator: Períneo, Integração e Movimento® (Spain)
Sílvia Rodrigues | Nurse-Midwife (Portugal)
Sara Kindberg | Midwife: GynZone® (Denmark) (to be confirmed)

13h00 Caring for Those Who Care – Neuro Linguistic Programming
Catarina Parente | Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Conscious Parenting Facilitator (Portugal)

13h30 Lunch | Commercial Break

14h30The Experience of Being Born: The Newborn-Fetus Transitions and their Impact on Human Neurodevelopment
Marta Antonelli | Researcher CONICET (Argentina)

15h15 Empty Nest: Practical Strategies for a Healthy Grief
Sara Albuquerque | Clinical Psychologist (Portugal)

16h00 Closing Ceremony

16h20 Pause | Commercial Break

16h30 Workshop “Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Program®”
Maret Dymond | Clinical Psychologist: Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Program® (United Kingdom)

19h30 Free workshops promoted by Sponsors  


Note: All lectures and workshop include simultaneous translation
Portuguese-English / English-Portuguese.
All the timings found in the programme and in the original e-mail reflect portuguese time (GMT).