VOZES DA MULHER – Associação pelo Auto-conhecimento, Liberdade e Respeito
UTERUS – Saúde Integrativa da Mulher

Alexandrina Mendes | Obstetrician and Gynecologist at UTERUS
Inês Tavares | Clinical Psychologist, Sex Therapist and Researcher at Universidade Dalhousie – Canadá
Joana Faria | Nurse-midwife at UTERUS
Paula Clara Santos | Physiotherapist and Professor at Escola Superior de Saúde – Politécnico do Porto
Paula Prata | Nurse-midwife and Professor at Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto

Associação Portuguesa pelos Direitos da Mulher na Gravidez e Parto
Associação Portuguesa de Enfermeiros Obstetras


10 april 2024

8h30 Opening Session

9h00 Promoting Menstrual Health
The Menstrual Cycle: A Barometer of Women’s Health
Inês Martins Almeida | Nurse-Midwife and Instructor of Conscious Fertility and Holistic Menstrual Education (Portugal)
Premenstrual Tension: Physiology or Pathology?
Bárbara Yu Belo | Doula, Natural Fertility Instructor and Menstrual Health Coach (Portugal)

10h15 Poster Presentation

10h45 Pause | Commercial Break

11h15 Reflections in Debate
Labor Induction in Portugal
Mariana Torres | Obstetrician and Gynecologist (Portugal)
Maternal Mortality in Portugal
Diogo Ayres de Campos | Obstetrician and Gynecologist (Portugal)
Normal Birth in Portugal
Isabel Ferreira | Nurse-midwife: UTERUS® (Portugal)

13h00 Lunch | Commercial Break

14h30 Round Table: Sexual and Reproductive Health in Women with Endometriosis and Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Andreia Barros | Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist: UTERUS® (Portugal)
Diana Lopes | Physiotherapist: UTERUS® (Portugal)
(to be confirmed) | Obstetrician and Gynecologist (Portugal)
Ricardo Rangel | Endocrinologist (Portugal)
Susana Fonseca | President of MulherEndo – Portuguese Association to Support Women with Endometriosis (Portugal)

16h30 Pause | Commercial Break

17h00-19h00 Workshop “Coping Strategies for Perinatal Trauma”
Rebecca Moore | Perinatal Psychiatrist (United Kingdom)

17h00-19h00 Workshop “Oral Function for Breastfeeding Success”
Juliana Pereira | Neonatal Speech and Language Therapist: UTERUS® (Portugal)


11 april 2024

8h30 NASCER POSITIVO 2024 Awards

8h40 Poster Awards

9h00 Promoting Female and Male Fertility
Conceição Santa Martha | Nurse-Midwife, Menstrual and Fertility Educator: UTERUS® (Portugal)

9h45 The Impact of Trauma in Women’s Health
Rebecca Moore | Perinatal Psychiatrist (United Kingdom)

10h45 Pause | Commercial Break

11h15 The Nutritional Balance of Pregnant Women: An Integrative View
Joana Pinheiro | Nutritionist, Clinical Nutrition Specialist: UTERUS® (Portugal)

12h00 Philosophy of Birth: Unveiling the Stereotype
Stella Villarmea | Adjunct Professor in Philosophy (Spain)

13h00 Lunch | Commercial Break

14h30 Do Women Fear Childbirth?
Patrícia Souto | Nurse-Midwife (Portugal)

14h45 Celebrating Muliebrity after Menopause
Michelle Lyons | Women’s Health Physiotherapist / Educator (Ireland)

15h15 KG Hypnobirthing
Katharine Graves | Hypnobirthing Teacher, Founder of KGHypnobirthing (United Kingdom)

16h15 Breastfeeding Support Innovations
Antenatal Colostrum Harvesting
Patrícia Sancho | Nurse-Midwife (Portugal)
Human Milk Banks in Portugal
Raquel Marcolino | Nurse-Midwife (Portugal)

17h30 Family Gatherings: Community Initiatives
Nuno Pires | “Por Falar em Nascer” Project of the Portuguese Association for Women’s Rights in Pregnancy
and Childbirth (Portugal)

18h00 Closing Ceremony

Note: All lectures and the “Coping Strategies for Perinatal Trauma” workshop
include simultaneous translation Portuguese-English / English-Portuguese.
The “Oral Function for Breastfeeding Success” workshop does not include simultaneous translation.
All the timings found in the programme reflect portuguese time (GMT).