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Patrícia Sancho

Patrícia Sancho, holds a Ph.D. in Education Sciences, and is a Nurse Specialist in Maternal and Obstetric Health (Nurse-Midwife).

With a robust leadership spirit and empathetic approach, she boasts 15 years of experience in managing maternal health teams and 18 years devoted to advocating for, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding.

As an International Lactation Consultant and trainer accredited by UNICEF, she empowers healthcare professionals and families, fostering confidence in the lactation process through comprehensive training, lectures, and clinical case discussions.

Patrícia oversees the Mamascafé Community in the Algarve, a platform dedicated to nurturing Motherhood and Breastfeeding, where individuals with diverse expertise and experiences are warmly welcomed.

Furthermore, Patrícia serves as a member of the Board of Directors of APEO and actively contributes to its Breastfeeding Committee. She firmly believes in the collective strength of knowledge and the transformative power of collaborative efforts.