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Mariana Torres

As a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Mariana has harboured a fascination for pregnancy and childbirth since a young age, embarking on an internship at Sofia Feldman Hospital, Brazil’s largest maternity hospital, to delve deeper into the physiology of childbirth.

She pursued the Breastfeeding Counselling course offered by WHO/UNICEF and completed the Doula course provided by Nurturing Birth to equip herself with tools for offering enhanced emotional support to the pregnant women under her care.

Recognizing the significance of health literacy in preventive medicine, she leverages social media platforms and her website to disseminate scientifically based information. Her aim is to foster informed decision-making, thereby promoting better outcomes for all.

In January 2024, she published her inaugural book titled “What’s going on inside?“. This guide, spanning from preconception to postpartum, endeavours to dispel fears and uncertainties, fostering a journey towards a lighter and more joyful motherhood experience.