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Katharine Graves

Founder and CEO of KG Hypnobirthing, the largest and most prestigious hypnobirthing organisation in the UK with trained teachers all over the world. The many trained teachers in KGH include midwives in all the major hospitals in the UK and also internationally.  These teachers have in turned trained thousands of women to have a positive birth experience. Katharine is also the author of the best-selling book The Hypnobirthing Book.

She is trained in several therapies including as a doula, nutrition therapist and craniosacral therapist and is committed to changing the world through the amazing and miraculous process of birth.  This change comes from strong, well-informed women. Most important of all, she is a mother. 

She is a Council Member of the Maternity and Newborn Forum of the Royal Society of Medicine in London and a trustee of the charity AIMS (The Association for Improvement in the Maternity Services).

She refers that KGH women frequently give birth quickly and comfortably and defends that women need good information and support to make evidence-based choices when subjected to a highly medicalised environment, and the combination of a woman’s mind and body, working together, is a shining diamond of perfection, designed to give birth efficiently and comfortably.  In order to achieve this, women need to let go of their preconceptions, misconceptions, social pressures and assumptions about birth. The perfect system is already created in every woman.  All they have to do is get out of the way and let it work.  KG Hypnobirthing is their guide on this journey.