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Joana Faria

Joana Faria is a Specialist Nurse in Maternal and Obstetric Health (Nurse-Midwife). As a mother of two boys, she experienced transformative births for different reasons.

Since 2009, she has been working in the Obstetrics department of ULSGE – Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia/ Espinho. Additionally, she has collaborated with UTERUS since 2013, providing support to couples during pregnancy, childbirth (including water birth), and the postpartum period.

Joana strives to continuously enhance her knowledge and technical skills by learning from renowned national and international professionals such as Núria Vives, Anna Maria Rossetti, Barbara Harper (Waterbirth International®), Isabel Ferreira, and Conceição Santa-Martha.

She serves as part of the Organising and Scientific Committee of the “International Meeting of New Paradigms in Birth – Nascer Positivo®” since its inception.

Joana firmly believes that pregnancy and childbirth are predominantly natural and physiological events that demonstrate the strength and power of women and families, and therefore advocates for their full respect and support in all aspects.