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Isabel Ferreira

Isabel is a Nurse Midwife. She holds a Master’s degree and specialization in Maternal and Obstetric Health and serves as the CEO of UTERUS – Integrative Women’s Health. She is also the mother of three children.

Driven by her commitment to enhancing the quality of sexual and reproductive healthcare and advocating for women’s rights, Isabel co-founded the Woman’s Voices Association with Diana Lopes, where she currently holds the position of Chairperson. Additionally, she has taken on the challenge of Vice-Presidency at the Portuguese Association of Obstetric Nurses.

Currently pursuing a PhD in Nursing Sciences, Isabel’s research focuses on the practices of Specialist Nurses/Midwives in promoting normal childbirth. Her professional endeavors as a nurse-midwife aligns with the principles of the Midwifery Model of Care, with expertise in overseeing waterbirths and home births in Portugal.

With over a decade of experience, Isabel has conducted numerous courses and workshops for couples on labour/birth preparation and parenting. Her extensive postgraduate training in maternal and fetal health has equipped her with effective empowerment and self-training strategies, shaping a unique method centred around the woman, couple, and family.

Isabel is dedicated to advancing postgraduate training for healthcare professionals and has been invited to teach at various universities across the country. She is the visionary behind the NASCER POSITIVO® project, offering certified workshops/courses for health professionals and organizing the renowned NASCER POSITIVO – International Meeting on New Paradigms on Birth and Women’s Health through six successful editions.

With a firm belief in humanised, compassionate, integrative, and salutogenic healthcare models, Isabel advocates for science-driven care infused with love and empathy.