TEACHER: Olga Gouni

DATE: 22 March 2019
HOUR: 14h30-16h30

Civilization begins in the womb and is intimately associated with the way we were conceived, gestated, born, and nourished during these early stages of our experience.

There is a growing awareness regarding the connection between what we experience during pregnancy, the way we are born and who we are after birth. Prenatal life matters! A welcome natural conception, an unwanted or traumatic event, or a prenatal experience from in-vitro fertilization are influencing factors in our way of being.

Researchers dedicated to study the brain can now confirm what many prenatal psychologists and psychotherapists have long witnessed in their clinical practices: emotional memories are encoded and rooted in the baby’s brain circuits.

The intervention program presented at this workshop is original. It is based on the work of pioneers and researchers, in an interdisciplinary context, culminating in an effective synthesis, essential and practical, for the sharing and accompaniment of couples on the road to parenting. It will also be a source of inspiration, with creativity and through art, for other similar programs.


1. Present and think about the link between pre and perinatal experience and the quality of life and health of the individual after birth.

2. Provide suggestions to support the psycho-mental and sensory maturation of newborns and unborn babies by promoting the development of a healthy brain, enabling it to assume positive perspectives on life and establish secure links with all subsequent benefits in the relations of life and promoting the cure of eventual pre and perinatal traumas.

3. Provide suggestions of activities for the development of primary prevention programs during pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood.

4. Summarize the guidelines of the “WELLCOME” primary health promotion program from pre-conception to 3½ years of age.
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