TEACHER: Karen Strange

DATE: 22 March 2019
HOUR: 17h00-19h00

There is an embryological blueprint for what happens at birth (and before) for the baby on all levels of their being, physiologically, psychologically and emotionally. An awareness of this blueprint creates a new conceptual framework for what is embedded in the process of birth. Once you are aware of the sequence of events that occurs spontaneously throughout the process of gestation, labor, birth and beyond (a sequence that all mammals follow) you will have a new perspective of how birth was “set up to work in case no one was there”.

When interruptions or interventions occur in the sequence of birth a profound imprint is left which impacts how we come into relationship with everyone we meet, with ourselves, and how we live our lives daily.

You will come away with and new and expanded perspective of what is embedded in birth. Specific methods are taught for healing, repair and integration.

1. Laying the Foundation
1.1. Understanding the autonomic nervous system
1.2. Oxytocin vs adrenaline
1.3. How memory works
1.4. How it relates to babies
1.5. How to communicate with sentient beings
2. Embryological blueprint
3. Mammalian birth sequence
4. Baby’s Experience of Birth – 5 senses
5. When trauma occurs
6. How to protect the microbiome
7. Journey to the breast
8. The Golden Hour
9. How babies communicate
10. Story as repair
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