TEACHER: Karen Strange

DATE: 23 March 2019
HOUR: 9h00-18h00

The transition babies experience as they emerge from the womb and become air breathers is often not well understood by many birth professionals. This workshop creates a clear visual image and understanding of what is happening for the baby, as she takes her first breaths and shifts from oxygenating through the placenta/cord to beginning to use her lungs and breathing air.

Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn (IRN) Workshop covers neonatal resuscitation standards while incorporating the latest evidence based material. All taught to be done in the least traumatic way.

Information is presented from the perspective that you may be the only knowledgeable and skilled professional* (doctor, nurse, midwife, etc.) in attendance. These skills are relevant in all birth settings: home, clinic, hospital, birth centers, city, rural or resource poor parts of the world.

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