Andreia Gonçalves is a Community Midwife at the University College of London Hospitals. She holds a degree in Nursing from Viana do Castelo School of Health and Midwifery from City University of London. She is a Master in Research Methodologies and attends the PhD in Nursing Sciences at ICBAS.

For about 10 years working in a multicultural society, she has learned to celebrate difference and freedom of choice and to understand that in some contexts the right to choose is not yet a reality. This was one of the conclusions she drew from her research study “Predictors of artificial breastfeeding since birth and discontinuation of breastfeeding,” but mainly from day-to-day experience among women, to watch, to care, and especially to hear.

She advocates the promotion of the physiology of pregnancy and childbirth and the reduction of medicalization in this context, as well as the promotion of a culture without fears, that empowers women. She intends to develop a project of investigation that can produce scientific knowledge to support the creation of new paradigms of assistance in the pregnancy and the childbirth, so that this culture is available to all women.


Andreia Neves is a Cardiopneumologist Specialised in Sleep who has been practicing for 7 years in Laboratory of Sleep Medicine of Centro Hospitalar São João, EPE.

She is a Higher Education Professor at Escola Superior de Saúde do Porto in the Curricular Unit of Study of Sleep and directs curricular internships in the same area.

Andreia is also an science researcher in several projects of Centro Hospitalar São João and Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto.

She attended Level I and Level II of Sleep Medicine Course accredited by the European Sleep Research Society.

She is responsible for the consultation of (pediatric) sleep hygiene at Gimnográvida, Porto.

Anna Maria Rossetti​ is an independent midwife from Monfalcone (GO), Italy, co-founder of the Associazione Centro Benessere Maternità in Florence with Verena Schmid.

She is co-founder of the teaching project ‘SEAO Giovane’ in Florence, created with the purpose of teaching and training Italian midwifes. Midwife since 2004, she worked in obstetrics in a hospital in Milan. She was a humanitarian missionary with the position of ‘cheaf midwife’ in Afghanistan and she has been working as Coordinator Midwife at the P.H.H Hospital of Guernsey (UK).

She is a didactic director and project leader at Scuola ElementaLe di Arte Ostetrica in Florence (

She has been a member of the editorial committee of the midwives “Donna and Donna il giornale delle ostetriche” since 2009 and has participated in several international scientific meetings and congresses.


Catia Godinho was born in Lisbon in 1983 and in 2007 graduated in nursing.
In 2008, she began her career in the world of pediatrics, at the Lumiar Health Center, in Lisbon.

In 2010, the situation of the country and the nursing career caused her to leave her country, her roots and everything she knew, embarking on the adventure of emigration with her husband and 3 year old son. She worked in the pediatric emergency rooms of the university hospital of Lausanne, and was later recognized in the same hospital as a reference nurse in the area of child abuse.

In 2014, she changed for a maternity hospital with the recognition UNICEF “baby friendly hospital” and later returned to university, being part of the team that gives support to all pediatric services.

In 2016, she decided to dedicate herself to a dream: to put all the knowledge that she carried in her luggage together with her experience as mother of four children, available to Portuguese-speaking families, in a project that would have as objectives the quality information and the support for parenting. And so, the project “A nossa mãe é enfermeira” – (“Our mother is a nurse”) was born, which is already a reference for many mothers, being supported today by the platform “Nosso, com amor!” – (“Our, with love!”) conducted jointly with Andreia Neves, cardiopneumologist and sleep specialist.

In 2018 she joined the Natural School project, with a team of experienced professionals who share the same values and aims to be an essential online tool for women, pregnant women and mothers of young children.

Diogo Ayres de Campos is Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon and Head of Labor Ward/Obstetrical Emergencies at the Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon.

He published 120 articles in international journals indexed in Medline, edited 4 books, wrote 1 book and 16 chapters of international books, and presented 152 lectures by invitation at international scientific meetings.

He is Secretary-General of the Federation of Portuguese Societies of Obstetrics and Gynecology and President-elect of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine.

Between 2010 and 2018 he joined the Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health Committee of the International Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology – FIGO. Participated in the WHO’s “Recommendations on antenatal care” and “Intrapartum care and reduction of unnecessary caesarean section” consensus panels.


Fiama Marques has a degree in Nursing since 2002 and Specialization as a Pediatric Nurse since 2007. Infant Massage Instructor by the Portuguese Association of Infant Massage (APMI,2008) and Breastfeeding Counselor by WHO / UNICEF.

She has specific training in the promotion of parental groups by the international program “The Incredible Years” and in 2014 by “Parent Group Leader Training – Basic program”, from the University of Psychology of Coimbra. In 2016 she completed “Parent Group Leader Training – Babies Program” in Dorset (UK).

She is currently responsible for parenting educational sessions in group within the Bem-me-Quer Project (Preparation for Childbirth and Parenting Project) at Matosinhos Community Care Unit (UCC Matosinhos – ULSM).

Hannie Oor (1961), married and two sons and 2 grandsons’, and for over 30 years a motherbaby worker. Originally a Psychiatric Nurse, and has worked with her husband for a long time in their own psychiatric care practice. In addition to preparing parents for childbirth, she has been schooled in baby massage, adult massage and she is also a teacher at the training of the Association of Samen Bevallen, after she has chaired this association for 11 years.

In 2000, together with fellow childbirth educator Thea van Tuyl and midwife Mary Zwart, she founded ENCA-Nederland (European Network of Childbirth Associations), an umbrella organization for all organizations involved in preparing the pregnant woman for childbirth and breastfeeding, and is committed to maintaining the natural and humane birth process for mother and child. Through involvement with ENCA in Europe, she also gives lessons and workshops in their homeland, and abroad concerning childbirth education and doula skills. The use of the Rebozo is part of that.


Isabel Ferreira is a Nurse-Midwife and a Master in Maternal and Obstetrical Health Nursing. She is the founder of Gimnográvida – Preparation for Parto e Maternidade, Lda ( and a mother of 3 children. She is currently doing her PhD in Nursing Sciences, with the thesis “Intervention in the practices of nurses specializing in the promotion of normal birth and positive birth experiences”.

She is a Breastfeeding Counselor, certified by WHO / UNICEF, an Infant Massage Instructor, certified by APMI, Aquanatal and Acclimatization of Babies to Water Instructor, certified by Aquanatal and Evidence Based Birth® instructor, certified by Evidence Based Birh® Academy. She also has a postgraduate degree in the Anatomy and Movement® method of Núria Vives and she has attended several other complementary postgraduate training courses in the area of assistance to women in their life cycle, in prenatal care, newborn care, and prenatal education, according to psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunologic approach.

With the deepening of the knowledge during the specialization and masters, the extra motivation to initiate a search, inside and outside the country, for models of intervention in the area of maternal and obstetrical health moved by the scientific evidence and the human values. She has attended and organized various courses and training courses for professionals, learning from midwife nurses, prenatal educators, obstetricians, pediatricians, anthropologists and other professionals from Portugal and from various parts of the world in search of what is best for the health of the woman and her baby in this crucial period of their lives.

She became an independent nurse midwife, developing and improving skills related to the support and follow-up of the couple during pregnancy and physiological birth, in and out of water, postpartum support and breastfeeding counseling.

Karen Strange is a Certified Professional Midwife and an American Academy of Pediatrics/Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor, and has been since 1992.

She is founder of the Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn workshop, which includes the physiology of newborn transition, the evidence-based studies having to do with neonatal resuscitation, and the “when, why and how” to do neonatal resuscitation in a non-traumatizing way.

Karen incorporates the baby’s perspective of birth and tools for healing when things do not go as planned. Laced throughout the day is information and practice of grounding and presence for the skills used everyday and specifically how to use these tools in an emergency.

Karen has taught over 8,500 people worldwide. She has conducted over 900 hours of debriefs with birth professional regarding all aspects and experiences of resuscitation.

Lurdes Rodeia, Nurse Midwife and Master of Nursing Sciences.

Professor in polytechnic education for 29 years, post-graduate in transpersonal psychology and renaissance therapist.

She currently works as an independent midwife nurse.

Married, mother and grandmother, with a particular interest in peri-natal psychology and the influence of early life experience on personality, family and societies.

Márcio Pedro Nogueira, is the author of the blog (“The best father in the world”)

He is a proud father and an activist by the affirmation of Father´s Role in the education of children, defending that, without doubts, in each Father is “The best Father of the World”.

Speaker at several parenting events.

Maria da Conceição Santa-Martha has a degree in Nursing since 2001 and is a Nurse Midwife since 2007.

She is one of the responsible for the promotion of the Bem-me-quer Project in the Matosinhos Community Care Unit (UCC Matosinhos – ULSM), which is based on increasing the level of empowerment of women and the need to raise knowledge and skills around parenting, pregnancy and birth.

She is a breastfeeding counselor by WHO / UNICEF and an instructor of infant massage by APMI and has a postgraduate degree in “Anatomia and Movimiento” by Núria Vives and Blandine. She is also a certified instructor in Aquanatal – Ostend Pre-Natal Aquatic Preparation.

She has made several complementary postgraduate training courses in the field of assistance to women in their life cycle, in prenatal care and in preparation for childbirth according to a psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunological perspective.

The birth of her three daughters has awakened her to the innate power of Woman and to the notion that many of her fears arise because of her ignorance of herself. This has since been the motto for the search for training and differentiated knowledge in physiology. Transmitting them to women and other professionals has been a priority so that they become aware and truly become convinced decision-makers for their health and the health of their children.

Maria Neto Leitão is a Nurse-Midwife, with a Master in Educational Sciences and a PhD in Nursing, with the thesis “Women surviving violence by intimate partners: a transition sensitive to care nursing “. She is a sexual therapist, and specialist and trainer on gender equality.

Professor at ESEnfC, coordinates the Scientific-Pedagogical Unit of Maternal, Obstetrical and Gynecological Health Nursing, both in nursing degree as in nurse-midwifery degree, and master. She teaches in several curricular units of bachelor, master and doctorate in nursing, being regent of several units.

She is a main researcher at the Health Sciences Research Unit, where she coordinates the gender, health and development structuring project, co-coordinating and / or participating in several national and international projects, including: Violence in intimate relationships involving adolescents in the light of gender and generation – multicentric project involving Brazil, Spain, Cape Verde and Portugal (2014-2018); Assistance to children, adolescents and their families involved in violence: the view of the Paradigm of Complexity, funded by the Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo (2015-2017); PARENT (Promotion, Awareness Raising and Engagement of Men in Nurture Transformations), funded by the European Commission / Directorate General Justice and in which four participate Portugal, Austria, Italy and Lithuania(2017); and Observatory on Women’s Health of the Portuguese-Speaking Countries (beginning 2018).

She participates in several community projects, including: (O) Using & Being White Ribbon (primary prevention of violence in intimacy relationships starting dating) of which she is a founding member and was co-coordinator from 2007 to 2015; Program P / Portugal (promotion of active paternity in health services) (since 2014); Network of Maternal and Midwifery Nurses, of which it is a founding member and co-coordinator (since 2014); Nursing Network of Women’s Health in Portuguese-speaking countries, of which she is the founder and co-coordinator (since 2014). She is co-author of several books and book chapters, as well as of scientific articles in indexed journals.

Barbara’s senior mother (29 years old) and Tomás (26), two events that accompanied and enriched the entire academic and professional journey … and transformed ALL of her LIFE.

BEING MOTHER was and is the BIGGEST challenge.

Mário Santos holds a degree in Nursing, master in Health, Medicine and Society and he is researcher assistant at the Center for Research and Studies in Sociology at ISCTE-IUL ( He is currently an FCT PhD student in Sociology, where he seeks to explore the dynamics of relationships between professionals dedicated to homebirh in Portugal, and to identify ways of building knowledge and practices.

Between 2008 and 2015, he worked as a nurse in the obstetrics service at SAMS hospital in Lisbon.

In his academic career, he concluded in 2012 an investigation related to planning and experience of homebirth in Portugal, focusing on the issue of (dis) medicalization, reflexivity and identity coherence, and personalization of technology consumption.

He has developed small research projects on homebirth care in Denmark, Israel, and is the coordinator of an ongoing international project to map extra-hospital deliveries in Europe.
Integrates the European network COST Action BIRTH ( and coordinates the Portuguese branch of the international survey Babies Born Better.

In parallel, he is a doula, a father and he is also part of Associação Portuguesa pelos Direitos da Mulher na Gravidez e no parto (Association for Women’s Rights in Pregnancy and Childbirth).

Mark Harris is registered as midwife and nurse.

He always loved being around people. Having five sisters and three brothers afforded him plenty of practice and now, with 6 children and 6 grand children, he has the opportunity to indulge his passion for people.

The choices he made in his professional life were shaped by this gregarious inclination.

He trained and worked as Nurse, Midwife, Teacher, hypnotherapist and NLP trainer.

Mark still works as a Midwife offering birth education through the Birthing4Blokes programme.
Work and play often merge for him.

He’s the author of the award winning book “Men, Love and Birth”


Mary McNabb became a midwife in 1972 and practised for 10 years in London before becoming a midwife teacher. During this period, she collaborated with midwives to study the effects of regular exercise on labour outcomes. This study stimulated an enduring interest in the effects of maternal fitness on fetal growth and the process of labour and birth. Interest was deepened by an MSc in the at London University in 1992 and by preparing chapters on reproductive biology for the last four editions of Mayes’ Midwifery.

Between 1990 and 2006, Mary was a Senior Lecturer in Midwifery Education at London South Bank University and an occasional lecturer at St George’s & Kingston University until 2011. At South Bank she obtained funding to promote maternal-infant attachment and pursue research on possible analgesic, anxiolytic, relational and metabolic effects of endogenous oxytocin.

Interest in oxytocin continued through research with Linda Kimber and colleagues from the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit Oxford, to test the analgesic and anxiolytic effects of the first phase of the LK Massage Programme®.

Collaboration with Linda Kimber continued and the Programme has evolved with new research evidence and feedback from midwives’ practice in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, where Linda has taught the Programme every year since 2009. Since then trained midwives have used the Programme to teach couples to practice massage, breathing and visualisation in the evening, from late pregnancy, during active labour and birth. The intervention has increased spontaneous onset of nocturnal labour and decreased exposure to pharmacological analgesia, and synthetic oxytocin. These positive birth experiences have brought pleasure and joy to parents and midwives alike.

Mary has researched the evidence base for the Programme, to complement maternal circadian physiology and neuronal, neuroendocrine and emotional adaptations from 30-36 weeks’ gestation, until the initiation of suckling-lactation. She works as scientific advisor to Childbirth Essentials® (


Olga Gouni is a Prenatal Psychologist.

She is the Head of the Educational Board of Cosmoanelixis, a Faculty she founded 25 years ago, External Educator at the Kapodistrian University (Athens) and Member of the COST Action Research Group.

She listens to people regressing to their primal experience and discover the root causes of their present health quality or relationships.

She started her carreer by learning with pioneer professionals and has been amazed by the results since early on. More recently, Olga started to share her learnings with professionals that have a found interest in this field.

Today, after more that 25 years of clinical work, research and teaching, Olga’s wish is to create a link between the Academic world and the professionals and people who actually need their services.

Olga is constantly creating and designing (Primordial) Health Advancement Programs to work with pregnant couples, children and families. She also writes, teaches and creates online educational modules in Prenatal Psychology in English and Greek.

She is continuously inspired by Nature and Life.


Soo Downe is a midwife and University Teacher at UCLan, UK (BA(hons), RM, MSc, PhD, OBE).

Soo spent 15 years working as a midwife. In 2001 she joined UCLan where she is now the Professor of Midwifery Studies, and coordinator of the Research in Childbirth and Health group.

Her main research focus is the nature of, and cultures around, normal birth. She is currently the Chair of EU COST Action (IS1405) which is working to maximise positive effects of childbirth for women, babies, families and communities into the longer term. This includes 33 countries and over 120 scientists, policy makers, services users and social activists from a wide range of disciplines.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Organisation, and of the Global Respectful Maternity Care Council of the White Ribbon Alliance, a member of the Steering Group for the recent Lancet Midwifery Series, and of the Advisory Group for the latest Lancet Stillbirth Series, and is a co-author on papers in these Series and the forthcoming Lancet Series on Caesarean Section. She has been a member of the Technical Working Groups for several World Health Organization guidelines.

She set up the Northwest clinical midwives research group in 2001, and is now coordinator of the group. She has a seat on the NHS England Better Births Stakeholder Council. She has published over 120 peer reviewed papers, and has undertaken research using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods, in the northwest region, nationally, and internationally.

Thea van Tuyl is a childbirth educator for more than 30 years in the Netherlands.

She joined ENCA (European Network of Childbirth Associations) in 2000 and since then she was invite, together with Hannie Oor, in several European countries to give workshops and lectures about childbirth education.

From 2006 – 2013 she was a trainer of Doula’s and for this training she got interested in rebozo massage. As a yearly visitor of the Midwifery Today congresses she learned about the rebozo from Naoli Vinaver from Mexico. She started to give workshops about this technique in the Netherlands and other European countries.

In 2009 she published a book about rebozo massage, with co-writers Mirjam de Keijzer and Naoli Vinaver This book is also translated in Portuguese by Naoli Vinaver. In English it’s called “The Rebozo Technique Unfolded”.

Vânia Simões is a lawyer, jurist and member of da ´Associação Portuguesa pelos Direitos da Mulher na Gravidez e no Parto (the Portuguese Association for Women’s Rights in Pregnancy and Childbirth).

Graduated in Law, Master in Legal-Business Sciences and Post-Graduate in Medicine Law by the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, she is now pursuing his PhD in Law at the Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

She has collaborated in several law firms in Portugal and Brazil and is the author of several studies in the course of publication in the area of medical criminal law.



Dolores Sardo is a Professor at the Nursing School of Porto and President of the Portuguese Association of Nurse Midwifes – APEO.

She is a Nurse-Midwife, has a postgraduate degree in Administration and Education Planning and holds the degree of Specialist in Nursing.

She is also Director of the Magazine of the Portuguese Association of Obstetrics Nurses, Peer Revue of ICM Triennal Congress in 2017, 2014, 2011 and 2008, Peer Revue 4th Congress Catalan Association of Llevadores & 15th Congress Federación de Asociaciones de matronas de España, 2017, Delegate of APEO at the International Confederation of Midwives, APEO Delegate at the European Midwives Association and breastfeeding trainer and counselor.


Isabel Ferreira (find the curricular note in the speakers section)

Joana Guimarães is a Midwife Nurse and works in the Birth Center of the Centro Hospitalar Entre Douro e Vouga, EPE.

Nursing was the profession that always idealized and performed it.

She is passionate about the area of pediatrics, particularly newborns. In the sense of a better care delivery specializing in this area, she worked in the pediatrics service, obstetrics, pediatric urgency and primary health care, specifically in the child health consultation. Throughout her professional career, the need to know something more about the way children were born intensified, verifying that many of the needs of parents and children referred to previous experiences during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

At that time, the opportunity arises to go to work at the birth center, where she currently works. The need for learning became ever greater, which led her to specialize in the area of maternal and obstetric health, starting a whole new path of search for knowledge. The skills acquired during the specialty opened the door to an urgent need to know even more about this wonderful path that is pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, leading her to attend numerous courses and training with professionals of Portuguese nationality, as well as from other countries in the world, to find a better way to help the woman and her child to experience the most positive birth experience.

In this search for knowledge, she has embraced a mission experience in Guiné-Bissau, integrating for 9 months a Project for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality – PIMI (Programa Integrado para a Redução da Mortalidade Materna e Infantil), providing support and training in delivery rooms and pediatric services until the age of 5 of 3 hospitals in the periphery of the country. This was a very intense and highly enriching experience that filled her with more desire to meet the empowerment of woman and couple for the quiet and positive experience of the unique moment of birth.

She is a member of the team of the Commission for the Promotion, Protection and Support to Breastfeeding of her hospital.


Marta Lima is a transpersonal hypnotherapist, hypnotizing instructor, doula, breastfeeding counselor and founder of “Nascimento Consciente” – 2011 (

With a degree in Anthropology, at the time of her second daughter’s gestation in 2007, she was amazed at how women and babies were being treated by the overly interventionist biomedical culture and decided to look for a conscious and kind way to receive their baby in this world. By realizing the transformative power of birth for a woman and the implications it has on the future life of the baby, she has made several formations that allow her to accompany her parents on their own journey of parenting, in which they learn to transform fears and make choices aware.

Using hypnotherapy, he also guides people into their new birth, meeting their true essence, transforming all that no longer serves them.


Vítor Varela has been a Nurse-Midwife since 1989. He holds a PhD from ISCTE in Human Resource Management and a Master in Organizational Behavior from ISPA (Lisbon). He is the President of the Board of the Maternal and Obstetrical Health Specialty College of the Portuguese Nursing Council since 2012.

From 1997 to 2006 he was President of the Portuguese Association of Nurse-Midwifes (APEO) and between 2005 and 2011 he was a member of the International Confederation of Midwives. To date, he has headed several nursing teams in the southern region of the country and is currently Chief Nurse of the Neonatology Service of the Hospital Center of Setúbal, E.P.E.

He collaborated, as a professor, with the Setúbal School of Health, the Leiria Health School and the Nursing School of the Portuguese Red Cross. Between 1999 and 2005 he was a lecturer and pedagogical instructor at the Nursing Services’ Management Course at the Institute for Training and Professional Development Open Mind. In 2015 he worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Health of Angola.

In the area of research, he has already participated in several articles, among them: “The Image of the Nurse Midwife” (1996), “The Image of Health Professionals in the Iberian Context” (1997), “The Father and Pregnancy: (1998), “Caring for Women with Prolonged Pregnancy” (2001), “Public and Private Services – The Case of Midwives” (2006), “Anticipation, Experience and Intensity during Birth” (2009) and “Immersion and Birth in Water – 1st Portuguese Experience “(2018).



Alexandrina Mendes is a doctor, attending the last year of training as an obstetrician.

In 2011 she attended the first year of the specialty of Public Health and in 2012 began her journey in the world of the assistance to the birth through the specialty of Obstetrics.

In 2013, motivated by the desire for a more comprehensive and inclusive assistance, she took a Doulas course and is now a member of the Doulas Portuguese Network.

In 2016 she did Mindfulness training for pregnancy and in 2017 started training for Rebirthing.


Germano Couto, nurse-midwife with master’s and doctoral degrees in Nursing Sciences.

He worked as a nurse from 1994 to 2000 at the Senhora da Hora Health Center in Matosinhos. Simultaneously, between 1994 and 1999, he was a nurse at the Clinical Analysis Laboratory Dr. Carlos Torres, in Matosinhos. From 2000 to 2003, he collaborated in “Linha Saúde 24” and worked at Póvoa de Varzim / Vila do Conde Hospital Center, as a nurse-midwife.

He was Clinical Supervisor of undergraduate and specialization students in different contexts between 2000 and 2007 and taught at several higher education institutions (Santa Maria Nursing School / Porto Nursing School / Bragança Polytechnic Institute / Fernando Pessoa University / University of Umeå – Sweden) between 2003 and 2011.

He coordinated the Community and Nursing Support Unit and was Chief Nurse of the Vila do Conde and Modivas Health Center between 2000 and 2007.

Between 2008 and 2011 he was President of the Regional Board of Directors of the Northern Regional Section of the National Nursing Council.

He fulfilled his mandate as President of National Nursing Council between 2012-2015.

He is the author of numerous scientific and opinion articles, having published several books, whether as author, reviser / translator or author of prefaces. Over the years, he has participated as speaker in multiple national and international meetings.


Joana Faria is a Specialist Nurse in Maternal Health and Obstetrics and a mother of 2 boys, whose births were, for different reasons, absolutely transformative experiences.

She works as a nurse midwife at the Vila Nova de Gaia Hospital Center since 2009.

Since 2013, she has also worked with Gimnográvida and Razao D’Ser since 2013 to accompany couples during pregnancy, childbirth (including delivery in water) and in the Obstetrics Department of the Hospital Center of Vila Nova de Gaia / Espinho. post childbirth.

It has been complementing its technical and scientific knowledge and skills, with internationally renowned professionals, such as Núria Vives, Anna Maria Rossetti and Barbara Harper (Waterbirth International®).

She has been a member of the Organizing and Scientific Committee of the “International Encounter of New Paradigms at Birth – Positive Birth” since its first edition.

She believes that pregnancy and childbirth are almost always natural and physiological events that evoke the strength and power of woman and family, and therefore must be respected in all their essence.



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